Slice Of Heaven

We all blame our sweet tooth when it comes to weight loss! and stressed out for not being able to control our midnight cravings. But guess what how many of you knew that when you spell STRESSED backward you read it as DESSERTS well bingo…

If you are a hardcore Dessert fan then you must definitely try out the famous US franchise – The Cheesecake Factory in Dubai located all over the famous tourist spots which are Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, The Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence) and Dubai Festival City Mall.


Let me talk you through the personalized unique service process that everyone deserves to try in their dine-in experience. the hospitality offered by the staff is remarkable and the very first thing that you will experience as you enter the restaurant is the courteous staff that escorts you to your seat #celebrityvibes. They serve you with a complimentary brown bread which is to die for the best bread I had ever in my life ! and don’t forget to ask for more brown bread as they might tempt you.


The Cheesecake Factory are best known for their massive serving portion, so come prepared to stuff yourself.  I am a foodie so it wasn’t a problem for me 😛 I’ve been to most of the outlets except one and I have noticed that they have maintained their consistency of food quality and its portion.


Wait don’t be overwhelmed by the quality and portion of the food. The best part is yet to come,and as we say,  we save the best for the last 😀  Indulging yourself with lots of variety of Cheesecakes; menu #sliceofheaven.


No doubt I struggle with my weight issues because I have been visiting Cheesecake Factory quite often, but the best part is the loyalty program that AL Shaya has collaborated with the Cheesecake factory and every time I visit the restaurants, I don’t forget to grab my points 😛

16426436_1551115741565319_284333275_n_ink_li       My Al Shaya – Privilege Club Card

They have to manage to create the old fashion American feel, I enjoyed the ambiance but I’d love to have more lighting in the restaurant as I am a selfie queen and love clicking pictures 😛

16426697_1551076111569282_1636224387_n       16402426_1551057644904462_467841854_n

Warning: Weigh yourself before you commit to cheesecake’s as they are delightfully and sinful at the same time.


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