Makeup not Made up!!

Halla …Halla peeps!

I’d like to start this post by wishing each one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you had an amazing day/ night with your loved ones if you have read my last blog post about Anti-Valentine’s day you may just think that I am such a hypocrite. 😛

Well, let me the emphasize on the importance of looking flawless in this romantic season as it’s in full swing with a series of days which are celebrated. For instance, the rose day, the chocolate day and so forth. Thereby it’s time to game up your glam factor and stand out by experimenting with – HUDA BEAUTY.



Let me start my talking about my favorite beauty blogger Huda Kattan. She is a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai and has been an inspiration and a role model for many beauty bloggers. After a huge success in her blogging career, she has evolved into leading businesswomen in the Middle East. Started off by introducing  her range of professional makeup products named by HUDA BEAUTY.

Just like the Kardashians, it’s hard to keep up with the Kattan’s trio.

The Kattan Clan is a trio of three sisters who are Alya Kattan, Huda Kattan & Mona Kattan. They have successfully managed and coordinated the business. These glamorize trio has won the title of the top Middle East Beauty Icons.Even if you are new to the makeup and beauty industry or have no connection, there’ll not be a chance of not having heard about Huda Beauty or seen any of her beauty videos or have been tagged by your friends on Instagram, she is going viral on all the social media platforms and having around million views on her blogs.

The Kattan’s have been slaying it. #GIRLPOWER.  It’s was an icing on the cake when she launched her beauty products range, starting from something basic like eyelash FALSIES to liquid matte lipstick and recently launching her eye shadow palette. Hats off to this trio!!


In spite of staying in Dubai, it was hard for me to lay hands on the liquid matte lipstick which usually $SELLS OUT.  Thankfully, it has been available in abundance in recent times since there has been an increase in the demand.


Makeup was done by Krupakshi using the Huda Beauty EyeShadow Palette.

IF you aren’t addicted enough with Huda Beauty, well there is something that will steal the show for you in the spring month by introducing yourself to her new 3D highlighter palette. So, get ready to blind the bitches out there with your glow




I can’t wait to get my hands on something really exciting that I heard yesterday on her Snapchat, that she is working on introducing foundation for all skin type…. yupieee 😀

Till then stay tuned to know more about the Beauty and glam industry.

Stay Stylish, Stay Beautiful …. xoxo


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