Don’t ask what you do for a living. Ask what’s for lunch? hahaha…

Hello!! beautiful people, hope you’re doing great. Let me share my Casual/ Fast food dining experience with you. Last Thursday my colleagues and I planned to have brunch in one of my current favorites, which is a sophisticated burger place that uses high-quality ingredients and delivers you the finest backyard BBQ Grill experience.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has the mouth-watering burgers #The best burger in town! For those of you who don’t know GBK, it’s a UK-based casual fast food dining restaurant which has various franchises across the globe.

It has four branches in Dubai – DIFC, Dubai Marina, Midrif. Since I work in the DIFC it was more convenient to me, it’s located at the very famous Marble walk, in front of the Spectrum, Building 5, DIFC. It has a spacious sitting, but since it was a weekday at the lunch time everyone rushes to grab their meal, it was crowded with a lot of hustle and bustle with a decent interior, wooden flooring, and comfortable arrangement, but I was lucky enough to arrive at the right time.

TIPS- Make sure to leave your offices 5 minutes earlier than your lunch time.:P


Upon arrival, we straight away ordered the main courses, as we were running short of time. I’d ordered the jalapeño burger which is new on the menu and included deep fried jalapeños, chili mayo and with complementary deep freshly fried onion rings and coleslaw #Yum yum in my tum 😛 It was an amazing experience to fully immerse myself in a well-cooked meal & it was presented to its perfection level. #FoodieForLife….

Caution: You may or may not be able to fit all of this into your mouth. Get ready to get your hands messy .


Please note – It’s a guilty treat to yourself.



And if you’re counting what you eat then GBK has some exciting offer. Its innovation of bun-less burger edition which is the best alternative has low calories for people who are diet conscious. It’s served with two sides of your choice – grilled corn, blue cheese slaw, mashed potato with gravy. And if you opt for a burger you have chances of cutting the calories by selecting healthier options to go with either whole wheat bun or lettuce wrap.


We also ordered the New GBK Mini Burgers since it’s hard to make life decisions for much of us as to which burger to try :P. So GBK made life easier by offering three different sliders which can be customized according to your taste and preference along with freshly cooked onion rings and salad as your side topping. Isn’t that amazing for people who are picky and fuzzy. Trio sliders are succulent and perfect for sharing with Friends & Family too !

Due to short of time, I couldn’t try their amazing Caramel Shake and their deserts… 😦 But trust me after hogging on those heavy burgers I almost passed out but next time I will make sure to be more adventurous and try out something exciting from the menu. Superb experience!

Well hands down, Gourmet Burger Kitchen. They truly know what they’re doing!

My life motto- I live to eat and not eat to live .!!



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