#Makeup Junkie Essentials💄💋

Marḥaban beautiful people, kayfa ḥalek? Happy International Women’s Day 😀 Well, February didn’t work in my favour, but fingers crossed. Looking forward to March since it’s going to be an eventful month for me and hopefully for many of you across the globe who are patiently waiting for the commencement of this fabulous spring season. So do I since it’s my birthday month. YUPIEE !!! 😀

And well there’s nothing better than shopping in this season, where the colour of the palette also changes from dull & ashy shades to more vibrant and bold colour. And I’m sure that most of you have already come across ‘SPRING COLLECTION’ hitting the malls with all flashy and bold prints in the store.

So, I thought why not! It would be the best time to invest on the plethora of makeup products which are essential for all the beauty/makuep addicts like ME 😛 🤑

Up till high school, the only makeup products I knew were kajal pencils and chapstick which is till date the world for many teenagers. But after hitting the university life we all had to change and most of us had to rely on the makeup product which defines our character, or maybe we all were trying to fit in the societal norms & standards, which was a blessing in disguise for me as it helped me discover my love for makeup.


Most of us in the society have two-sided opinion about makeup industry in general. But did you know that happiness is the choice that you make for yourself without any peer pressure?

All the teens out there please don’t keep makeup as your only hope of existence, it’s just an embellishment to your unique feature. Well, I love my makeup collection and I can’t live without it , literally. I have a mix of both cult and drug store makeup products which I swear on.

Considering the humid climate of Dubai, it’s crucial to invest in a really long wear foundation which gives a finish that is neither too dewy nor matte. Born this way foundation by too faced (what do you mean by born this way???) is an oil-free foundation that masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin, best for this climate.

Please note – apply a moisturizer on your face to make your foundation glow & hydrate your skin.


For concealer- I use NARS radiant creamy concealer and LA Girl pro concealer, I mix both to get the desired shade. I use the concealer to cover any dark spots and uneven skin colour that I have on my face.

And to make it look flawless please indulge yourself in using a good quality Beauty Blender. It’s a game changer trust me’ 😀

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow palette is life changing, If you haven’t read my previous post on ‘ Makeup not Made up’ do check it out.👀 I wasn’t a fan of eye shadow simply because I didn’t know how to use them. 😛 But recently, I have been working on my ‘shadowy’ skills. However, after discovering Huda’s eye shadow palette which consists of both matte and shimmery eye shadows I’d suggest you can try out new looks according to your mood.


As for highlighters, I absolutely love the Anastasia Glow Kit. If you plan on buying highlighters, please try and see if it’s shining brighter than your future: P After trying the Glow Kit I was like Dayum son! what’s the point of your highlighter if it isn’t bright enough to blind your haters am I right?


Quick suggestions:

Use Marc Jacob’s bronzer to get that flawless contoured look and Elf blush which has multiple shades to get rosy cheeks.


Lipsticks are my closest friends in the makeup world.#BFF ❤ 👄 At days when I am lazy to do the entire routine, I opt for a bold lipstick which is the ultimate game. I’ve got a huge collection of various brands but my all-time favourites would be a long lasting liquid matte lipstick by Colour Pop, Kylie and Huda Beauty :*




I promise you that I will keep it short  next time, but makeup is something that i can keep talking for infinite. 😀 🌸


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