Khao Des Videsh!!

Can you believe that march has almost come to an end? 😦  I have been procrastinating for quite some time now,  and finally I took some time to get my thoughts together. As you all must be wondering what this post is about, well the name says it all. 😛 ‘KHAO’ means ‘EAT’so..Foodie Alert !



Recently we had visited this new restaurant in Bur Dubai for my parents 27th anniversary. After hearing a lot of reviews and Instagram worthy food presentation, I was excited to experience a new dinning concept more like a science experiment . Spice Klub Dubai  is a famous Mumbai’s Molecular Gastronomy themed restaurant which has opened it’s franchise at the busy foodie area in Mankhool, Bur Dubai. I like to name it as Food + Science fiction = Foodiction 😛



I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in the restaurant as the ambiance is one of a kind in the entire Bur Dubai. They have beautifully incorporated the true essence of the Indian Culture, an over-sized wall embossed rangoli pattern, exotic swing seats towards the end which would be a fancy experience to dine in, on the roof you will notice cycle tyres and kites across, which adds to the fun element, in addition, there are funky colorful cushions which uplift the ambiance making it quirky, vibrant yet sophisticated.

We had invited our close relatives and friends for the dinner, I personally thought that they wouldn’t have enough space to accommodate 15 people, but I was surprised to see the ample amount of space available.

If you have a look at the menu it’s bit overwhelming with the variety of starters they offer, I wasn’t able to make decision at that moment as I wanted to try all the dishes 😛

We finally placed our orders after the difficult decision and got our phones ready in video mode to capture the moment 😉 first came the tangy street food favorites; Pani Puri with a twist that instantly curb your cravings. They served meethi chutney in the syringe and teekha pani in the test tube, I felt like I was in a science lab 😛 Presented in a ravishing way. 



Naanza is the coolest combo for kids as it contains Naan + Pizza and who doesn’t like pizza. Mini triangular shaped naan pizza stuff with spiced Indian cottage cheese (paneer) and topped with cheese in the Italian way.

Big shout out for all the Aloo lovers, Aloo Bharwan is the ultimate potato dish with overloaded cheese stuffing served on a grill and topped with chili caviar.

Hazari Paneer Tikka  was the best paneer dish i have tried, huge cube of fresh paneer marinated  with in yogurt and freshly chopped herbs and topped with spice, grilled to perfection.


Galawati Kebab is rich in spice and is topped with spiced onion rings, cooked to perfection, mouth watering kebab literally melts in your mouth giving a change in your taste palette 😛

What a spectacular idea of a Pav Bhaji Fondue, Spice Klub, you guys totally smashed it. It was a unique take on a classic street side food to a five-star quality. *slurps* The consistency of the bhaji was spot on – Silky and creamy.


Complimentary dips – I love the concept of serving dips in the cutting chai glasses which made it easier to have a look at the ingredients, the best part is that they serve Jain dips .Starting from the bottom –

  1. Chunda mango murabba
  2. Red cabbage dip
  3. Tamarind chutney
  4. Green chutney
  5. Black olives with chilies
  6. 5 veg mix
  7. Radish dip
  8. Chili and garlic dip


Crunchy papads nomnom … no desi meal is complete without poppadums 😛 SpiceKlub serves 6 different papads.


For the main course we took it light we went with Creamy, buttery Paneer Tikka Masala which  was heavy. Each block of paneer was something to die for and to accompany it we had ordered for ????

To sum up my experience at the Spice Klub, well it exceeded my expectation in other words skyrocketed, extraordinary interiors, value for money, prompt service and outstanding food presentation and quality .

Must try for all the Vegetarian out their. 

My Live-in relationship with food is lit 😛





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